Today, I Feel Great

I feel pretty
In a dress of newly blossomed flowers and leaves of green, yellow, and brown
Wearing shoes of intertwined grass
My face glows with a touch of honey
And a cluster of jasmine extends its branches to deliver a scent that gently touches my skin
Spreading through my loose hair until the butterflies pull each strand to dance with them

I feel healthy
The sky showers me with rain, rainbows, sunlight, moonbeam, and starlight
The trees never forget to breathe fresh air and indulge my eyes with green leaves
Making me more agile in dancing on the ground and wet grass
Or floating with the strands of dandelion blown by the wind

I feel smart
By placing the words spoken by the grass onto paper
The stories spread like potatoes underground
And grow into trees useful for birds

I feel young and free
The sprouts slow down my aging
This land stretches out like an endless sky
And my feet run lightly, chasing the wind that never reveals itself

I feel happy
Sensing the joy of bees playing around the basil plants
And the earthworms wriggling here and there
Sometimes crawling on my feet
And I laugh, tickled
Such a touch makes me addicted

I feel rich
With everything growing in my garden
I don’t need to travel around the world anymore
I can party day and night with the endless harvest

And I feel grateful
For being born and growing up
Experiencing the universe, love, heartbreak
I am grateful for what I own and what I don’t
For laughter and tears
For victory and defeat
For heat and rain
For health and sickness
For having beauty and ugliness

I feel great
For being myself

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